Penn Global Medicine (PGM)


Patients near and far continue to find comfort in the care they receive at Penn Medicine. These are some of the stories from international patients who have experienced Penn Medicine.

  • Ahmed Alireza and Eman Almoayyed

    Ahmed Alireza and Eman Almoayyed

    Manama, Bahrain

    "My husband and I were both in need of ophthalmology care. We heard about Penn Medicine's Scheie Eye Institute, but were unsure about whom to see in this program. The team at Penn Global Medicine took great care to refer us to an appropriate physician and was most efficient in arranging our appointments."

    "My wife and I worked with Penn Global Medicine to arrange for payment of our care prior to treatment – this ensured that there was no hassle of paying at the hospital. The staff at Penn was friendly and our physician was so gentle and knowledgeable. Even after a full day of examinations and tests he made sure to explain all that I needed to know. Thank you Penn Medicine for a joyful experience."

  • Carole Hagedorn

    Carole Hagedorn

    Chelmsford (in Essex), United Kingdom

    "I had received the devastating diagnosis of mesothelioma, cancer in the lining of the lungs. Chemotherapy was the only treatment at my local hospital, but it would only prolong my life by a few months. My local hospital helped me enroll in a mesothelioma clinical trial at Penn Medicine. This program has offered me the first glimmer of hope I've felt since I was diagnosed with this terminal illness."

    "It is impossible to adequately praise the world-class team of doctors and nurses who looked after me at Penn Medicine. They spent hours answering my questions and discussing the trial, my health and my options. The nurses set standards that would be difficult to emulate anywhere in the world. It is not just the excellent care I shall remember, but the incredible kindness and empathy of all involved."

  • Angel Muñiz

    Angel Muñiz

    Hormigueros, Puerto Rico

    "I was in need of a stem cell transplant and due to my religious beliefs, cannot receive blood products. I live in Puerto Rico but after researching programs and speaking with staff at the Center for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery at Pennsylvania Hospital, I knew this was where I would go for my care. Everyone made me feel that I was in the right place at the right time with trusted health professionals."

    "The staff at Penn Medicine helped in so many ways, with travel assistance, record coordination, educating me on my treatment, financial aid and more. I didn't miss my home as I thought I would because everyone was so welcoming. Thanks to the center I am a happy cancer survivor today. I wish a wonderful blessing to everyone at Penn and to those in their care."