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PennSTAR Flight

Expert Clinicians providing Excellent Care, on the Ground or in the Air.

Mission Statement

The PennSTAR Flight program is the critical care flight and ground transportation service of Penn Medicine. As a national leader in air medical safety and patient care, PennSTAR embraces proven aviation safety technologies as well as a steadfast commitment to a culture of safety.

PennSTAR provides the highest quality patient care by employing and retaining high quality clinicians, promoting continuous improvement, and providing exceptional educational opportunities and experiences to clinicians.

PennSTAR responds to all patient requests as quickly as safety permits, regardless of the patients' ability to pay. By valuing the trust of our communities and healthcare colleagues that PennSTAR serves, the program's mission is fulfilled in a fiscally and socially responsible manner.

About PennSTAR

The PennSTAR Flight Program provides critical care air and ground medical transportation to the Tri-State Area within a 100-mile radius of Penn Medicine. PennSTAR provides rapid transport of critical care patients between medical centers, as well as "on-scene" services at the site of accidents and trauma-related incidents.

We operate six helicopters and one critical care ambulance 24-hours a day, seven days per week, staffed by expert pilots, critical care flight nurses and flight paramedics. All clinicians are cross-trained to operate in both helicopter and critical care ambulance so the superior level of care delivered to our patients is consistent regardless of the transport modality. All transport requests and support communications between our transport teams, medical centers, and emergency crews are coordinated and integrated by our dedicated communications center.

Since 1988, PennSTAR has safely transported 40,000 patients in six states.

The PennSTAR Communications Center, PennCOMM, is the intake and coordination center for Penn Presbyterian Medical Center's Penn Heart Rescue Program and Penn Critical Care Rescue programs. Referring physicians can be expeditiously connected to Penn Medicine Critical Care Physician Specialists with one phone call for consultation while simultaneously obtaining PennSTAR-arranged flight or ground critical care transportation, if necessary.

  • All aviation services are provided by Metro Aviation.
  • All Ground services provided by Keystone Ambulance.
  • Dispatch, Clinical Charting, Decision Analytics, and Billing & Collections provided by Golden Hour Data Systems.


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