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The path to parenthood is different for everyone — some may need moderate assistance to conceive while others need more advanced care. It is important to understand when it is time to seek assistance from a fertility specialist and to know you are not alone. One in seven couples experience infertility – but today, there are more options to conceive than ever before.


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There are many things to consider when selecting a fertility specialist. Experience is key - more experience means better outcomes and with over 40 years of experience, Penn Fertility Care has helped thousands of women and men become parents.


Penn fertility specialists offer compassionate intervention and develop tailored care plans to meet
each patient’s individual needs. Penn Fertility Care specialists include:

Turning Medicine into Motherhood

Why participate in a clinical trial? Clinical trials are studies that take an in-depth look at new ways to diagnose and treat a health condition, like infertility. As one of the top funded reproductive research programs in the nation, Penn Fertility Care is a leader in the development of new and innovative approaches to infertility management and breakthrough research in reproductive health.


Featured Clinical Trials:

Treating Obese Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) who are Experiencing Infertility

Learn more about participation and inclusion/exclusion criteria for this study.
Download a PDF with PCOS studies

Frequently Asked Questions About Clinical Trial Participation

Learn more about clinical trial participation, benefits, safety and more.
Download a PDF of Clinical Trials at Penn Medicine

Patient Success Stories

Hear from Penn Fertility Care patients about their journey to parenthood. The following are samples of how patients have conceived with the help of Penn Fertility Care specialists:


Elizabeth’s Story

I gave birth at the age of 41 through in vitro fertilization (IVF) to a healthy baby girl with the help of Penn Fertility Care. I had two egg retrievals and four IVF transfers. Multiple eggs were transferred the first three times but they just wouldn’t take. I had one egg left for the last transfer and it was a success! I remember asking the doctor if it was worth transferring just one egg, and she said of course! I look at my daughter every day and still can't believe she is mine. I went through so much to have her and it was worth every bit of it. Never, never, give up!"


Susan’s Story

I am currently pregnant with our first child following infertility treatment. I had intrauterine insemination (IUI) performed at Penn Fertility Care. I was so unhappy with my former doctor and really believe that I/we would still be suffering if I had not contacted Penn Fertility Care last spring. You are entitled to good care and must seek it out, especially if you are older (like me).


A friend from work told me about Penn Fertility Care. Shortly after my first visit, they ran some tests and based on the results suggested that we try a few cycles of IUI. The first attempt didn't work, but the second one did. Less than three months after my first appointment I was finally pregnant! We are expecting a baby girl and are thrilled.


My advice to others suffering through infertility is to be proactive in your care and do not lose hope! You WILL have the family you are dreaming of, even if it doesn't happen as fast as you would like.


Make your fertility journey a success story – schedule a consult today! Or subscribe to the Penn Fertility Chronicles to see more patient stories and learn about the latest fertility options.

Connect with Penn Fertility Care through the Penn Fertility Chronicles and learn about the latest fertility treatment options available today.

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