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Healing Patients Who Won't Settle

At Penn Medicine's Heart & Vascular Center, we gathered the top heart doctors from around the world and gave them a mission – end heart disease.

The most complex and minimally invasive procedures, the top multidisciplinary teams and the latest research advances – they're all part of our approach to deliver personalized heart care for every patient.

We won't settle for anything less than you living your best life, and we're succeeding, one Derek, Thomas, Lucille & Dot at a time.

Hear Their Stories

  • Derek Fitzgerald Derek
    Heart Transplant
  • Joe & Vida Joe & Vida
    Valve Disease
  • Thomas Staunton Thomas
    Atrial Fibrillation
  • Doug Krampel Doug
    Lipid Disorder

Heart Failure & Transplant

“I live like my donor is watching.”

Derek Fitzgerald, Heart Transplant
IRONMAN® Lake Placid Finisher*

After beating cancer, Derek went into severe heart failure. He desperately needed a heart transplant.

People said he'd never live a full life, but Derek wouldn't settle for that. That's why he chose Penn. We didn't settle either.

Now he has a new heart that he's carried 140.6 miles in an ultra-distance triathlon.

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*IRONMAN® is a registered U.S. trademark of World Triathlon Corporation (WTC). Used herein by permission.

Why would you settle for anywhere with less experience?

  1. Specialized surgeons, performing more heart transplants than every other center in the Philadelphia region combined.
  2. One of the largest programs in the country, following more than 3,500 heart failure patients and 600 heart transplant patients.
  3. A full range of treatments including medical, interventional and surgical options for congestive heart failure – many of which are not available at other regional hospitals.

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Mitral & Aortic Valve Disease

"At our age, open-heart surgery wasn't an option."

The Burchers, Aortic Valve Disease & TAVR
Married 65 Years and Counting

After 65 years of marriage, Joe and Vida have been through almost everything together.

When both were diagnosed with bad aortic valves, they wanted to heal together too.

Penn gave them a less invasive option than open heart surgery: TAVR, or Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement. It worked.

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Why would you settle for anything but a less invasive procedure?

  1. More mitral and aortic valve surgeries are performed by Penn surgeons than at any other hospital in Pennsylvania.
  2. Penn has the best options for patients that other hospitals consider too high-risk for open heart surgery.
  3. As the most experienced provider of TAVR, (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement) Penn has performed more than 500 of the procedures to date.

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Cardiac Arrhythmia

“For an Irishman like me, this is life!”

Thomas Staunton, AFib
Proud Irishman

Thomas loves his Irish heritage — the food, the music, the dance. For years his heart was in AFib. He was on blood thinners, at constant risk for stroke, and at the hospital every few weeks.

Thomas didn't want to settle for that. That's why he chose Penn. We didn't settle either.

We had a better option for Thomas — something no other hospital in Philadelphia had — the LARIAT procedure. He was the first in the region to receive it, and now he's off blood thinners for good.

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Why would you settle for anywhere with less options?

  1. The best options for treating cardiac arrhythmias, including atrial fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia.
  2. The latest innovations and alternatives to traditional treatments are available for even the most complex cases.
  3. With the largest arrhythmia program on the East Coast, Penn performs more than six times the national average of AFib ablations.

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Coronary Artery Disease & Hypercholesterolemia

“I was the healthiest unhealthy person out there.”

Doug Krampel, Coronary Artery Disease & Hypercholesterolemia
60 year old father

Doug ate well and worked out, but his cholesterol was still off the charts. He had 26 cardiac catheterizations in nine years, and he was afraid that his condition would continue to deteriorate.

Doug didn't want to settle for a life like that. That's why he chose Penn. We didn't settle either.

We literally filtered the fat out of his blood with a unique treatment called LDL Apheresis. Penn is one of the only places in the country to offer this treatment, and now Doug can live his life without fear.

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Why would you settle for less innovative CARE?

  1. The nation's leading experts who have pioneered new methods and technology for identifying and characterizing each individual's specific cardiovascular risk.
  2. Access to the latest treatments for multiple lipid disorders. Penn researchers have participated in the development of several new medications, including a new product to treat Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH).
  3. Individually Tailored Care. By identifying an individual's unique cardiovascular risk, Penn physicians are able to provide precise treatments that fit the patient's lifestyle and condition.

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