"Everyone should know about Penn"

- Ali Zadeh

Advanced Heart Failure Patient
Dante Parenti

When retired surgeon Ali Zadeh came to Penn for congestive heart failure treatment, he was simply looking for comfort. “I couldn’t sleep,” says Ali. “As soon as I closed my eyes, I would develop shortness of breath.” His heart failure had been getting progressively worse for six years and he’d been treated at several different hospitals. Then, in 2011, he came to Penn.


Soon after his first visit to Penn, Ali received an LVAD, an implantable ventricular assist device that would help his heart to pump. As Ali recovered from his surgery, his shortness of breath improved. He was able to enjoy most normal activities of daily life. And best of all, he was able to sleep once again. “I am extremely grateful to Penn. They were with me and my family every day.”


Ali’s son, John, began working on a documentary film to spread the word. “He knows how bad I was and how much better I am now. That’s why he is doing the film. Everyone should know about this place. ” says Ali.