Dante Parenti’s story

Mitral valve replacement

"I'm extremely pleased with the way I was treated, and I’m glad I chose Penn Medicine."

– Dante Parenti, 53,
   Philadelphia lawyer
Dante Parenti

The research and recommendations kept coming back to Penn.
Dante Parenti, 53, mitral valve replacement
"So I'm 52 years old and I go in for a checkup. The doctor listens to my heart and immediately refers me to a cardiologist. He thought I had a leaky mitral valve, which as it turns out, runs in my family...and usually requires surgery."


Researching my options for valve repair
I'm the kind of person who likes to get things over with, so I started asking around for the best surgeons right away. I did a lot of research online, got a referral from my cardiologist, and talked to friends and family who had had heart surgery in the past. All the research and recommendations kept coming back to Penn Medicine.– and one doctor's name kept coming up: Dr. Hargrove at Penn Presbyterian.


Experience Counts
I wanted someone who had a lot of experience doing exactly the kind of procedure I was getting – a mitral valve repair – and Dr. Hargrove had done over a thousand procedures like mine.


I ended up having a minimally invasive procedure to repair my valve. Using the port access technique, they accessed my heart between my ribs. They didn't have to crack my chest open, and it left only a small scar.


The procedure was very successful, and today I'm back working, six days a week, doing everything I did before—and then some. Back when I had the valve problem, it was really slowing me down. Now I have more energy than ever. Overall, I'm extremely pleased with the way I was treated and I'm glad I chose Penn Medicine.